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Is Your Data Secure and Always Available?

Know Who Accessed, What, When, Where.

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John Costa - Personal Technology Consultant

Hello my name is John Costa. I began South Bay Computer Solutions with one thing in mind; to help people and businesses better utilize technology. Delivering exceptional consultation, technology and business services to our customers. Since 2001, we’ve been serving people just like you who have needed help. Offering business planning, new computer systems, networks, web development, mobile, cloud migrations, training, general help, emergency repairs and rescue support.

When you call; you’re calling me, not some offshore call-center. Not a giant company with a switchboard and disconnected employees. When you call South Bay Computer Solutions, your calling a certified professionally experienced technician, business and technology consultant.

Calls go directly to me or my voice mail. If I’m with another client and are unable to answer at that moment, I will call you as soon as I am able. I am the initial contact and typically perform most of the initial work myself.Via “Secure Remote Desktop Sharing” providing emergency support, building and managing websites, configuring and installing new PC, mac, mobile, servers, networks or cloud services. Most importantly it is safe, secure and empowers you to be in charge of your technology.

I’ve helped hundreds of people and businesses just like you. Many in crisis with crashed computers / servers with no backup, seized by theft,viruses or ransomware. Recovering data, getting operations back on-line and implementing a disaster prevention plan to mitigate any future misfortunes. Entrepreneurs, Sales Agents, Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, Families and Businesses alike have utilized South Bay Computer Solutions.

South Bay Computer Solutions delivers technology business solutions, best practices, service and support through proven methods of proactive process analysis, implementation, configuration and maintenance. We create solutions designed to reduce costs, increase your profits and mitigate business risks, working with you as your Virtual Technology Partner. We focus on your technology, allowing you to focus on your business.

Did you know nearly every technology issue can be corrected via “remote support”. The ability to immediately serve you with no travel time and no wait time you save money. Utilizing our secure Remote Access combined with 10+ years of computer, web development and support experience. I can install or service an entire network, offer guidance and training remotely while you sit at your computer.

For example – With your mobile device – Phone, Tablet or Webcam we can take a tour of your facility. We can meet staff, observe operations, see issues, area layouts, processes, procedures, etc.

We help develop your road map, fix issues, make recommendations and deliver equipment for installation with our guidance or on-site at your location service is also available. We can install and configure everything. We offer Monitoring, Maintenance and Regular Service to Manage your system for you. Or if you prefer, we can setup / configure tools for you to self monitor / manage your systems. 

Learn How to Simplify Your Life!

Without Getting Lost in an Endless Sea of Technology.


Here’s how it works:


    • One phone call and we can “virtually be at your site” in minutes.

    • We make a voice connection via Telephone or Skype.

    • You connect us to a mobile device –  phone/tablet

    • We can communicate and observe while you take us on a tour.

    • Via secure remote access we inspect, analyze computers and network.

    • We study the results and transform it into an easy to understand report.

    • Together we create the best solution for your goals, time frame and budget.

    • We can then quote, configure, procure, implement, customize and maintain.

    • Business Solutions Comprising of Mobile, Office PC/Mac Workstations, Web Sites, Application Development, Cloud Migrations.


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Whether, you are just starting up or have been in business for years we can help.

Design, plan, procure, implement, support , monitor and manage future proof business computer systems.

Local On-Site, Remote Branch Offices, Cloud Services, Mobile Workers,Systems Availability and Backup.

 Improve productivity, response time, client satisfaction and your bottom line.

Work and Communicate with a Unified, Always-On, High Availability Anywhere Access Solution.

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Is Your Data Secure and Always Available?


Know Who Accessed, What, When, Where.


Control the Time, Content and Location.


On-Site in the Office or Mobile in the Field.

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