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Cloud Technology

The cloud—the ability to access IT infrastructure, applications, and services over the Internet—has been a focus of business innovators for many years now, the opportunities to help your business keep on growing. This is especially relevant for small and mid-size businesses,you now have affordable access to computing power previously accessible only to the largest enterprises. The easiest way to start with cloud technology is call us to help switch you from traditional Microsoft Office to Office 365. You don’t have to run servers or worry about security because we take care of it behind the scenes, and your software is always up to date with the latest features.

Shared Resources

Cloud Desktops (DaaS)

Centrally located PC desktops in the cloud. Managed, Secured, Available Anytime Anywhere.

Centralized Data Cloud Servers

Centralized File and Application Servers, managed, secure, flexible, anywhere / anytime availability.

Calendar, e-mail, Office Apps

Centralized , Always On, Accessible, Outlook and Full Microsoft office suite.