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From day to day activities, a home based business or experiencing the best in audio and video to accessing your pictures, music and data on your big screen. Browse and access web content on your flat panel from your favorite room while listening to “High-Fidelity” digital content. Networked, Integrated, Easy to Use.

Residential Technology Support –  Today’s home computers and networks need regular maintenance and quick support. Proper systems configuration and backup of your data, music, projects and precious memories are a must have in the digital era.

Our customized entertainment solutions offer you all of the exciting top entertainment choices with none of the connection complications. Enhance your lifestyle with the sights and sounds that will bring digital content where and when you want it.

Are you missing something?  High-Fidelity Digital Audio Files contain 30 times the information than the average .mp3 contains.  MP3’s are downgraded for size mobility causing loss of information.

Ninety percent of “Digital Content”  listeners are listening to poor quality harsh sounding music files. Such “poor quality” “loss of information” can actually cause the brain to work extra hard to “fill in the gaps” of missing information. This taxes the the mind. Hi-Def files deliver a reference quality playback fostering a mind clear concise and focused.


South Bay Computer Solutions delivers home technology using the same best practices used for our clients in the business sector. Through real world “Hands On” experience we are able to design, build, program and integrate cutting edge home entertainment systems at an affordable price. We add, upgrade and enhance current systems to bring them to the next level of sophistication with ease of use you would expect.

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